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Solo Jazz Classes

Thursday 12th April and Thursday 19th April

Two Solo Jazz classes on a Thursday, also known as Authentic Jazz, to get you using your body to dance to music with vintage steps from the 20s, 30s and 40s. And to get you having fun!No partner necessary as this is solo dancing (within a group). 

To book on or for more questions, please email

£8 per person for one class.

£14 for the two classes, if booked and paid in advance.

If possible book in advance, though drop in also welcome!

Venue: The Hubnub Centre, Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY

To book your place:

1. Email full names
2.Complete the class payment

Please email with the above details and we will email back with payment details.


The Class

All levels are welcome; men, women and flappers. You don't need previous dance experience.  
Over the two classes we will practice some simple Charleston moves, as well as learning parts of the Shim Sham routine.  See Frankie Manning demo-ing the Shim Sham here -  

There will be a chance to perform at one of the Frome Independent Markets or at another of our events coming up. That part is up to you, no pressure!  

The Hubnub

The classes will take place in a large hall with partially-sprung dance floor at the Hubnub Centre on Thursday evenings - which is conveniently next door to the Rye Bakery who are having a freshly made pizza evening on Thursdays! Double fun. - to book pizza/table.

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