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Beginners Lindy Hop/Swing Dance Workshop

Saturday 14th April 2018 

1pm - 4pm

April Swing Dance Beginners Workshop! Absolute beginners welcome, as well as those wanting to recap what they have already learnt.

We're holding a further friendly beginners workshop in Frome. Our last two workshops have sold out, so book as soon as you can! Tamsin and Joe will take you through the foundations of the vintage dance, the Lindy Hop, with practice time at the end for honing your moves. We'll be in a beautiful room with a partially-sprung dance floor in the Hubnub centre.


For more details or to book please email


The event is £25 (£20 concessions) per person.

Venue: The Hubnub Centre, Whittox Lane, Frome, BA11 3BY

To book your place:

1. Email full names
2. Email whether you want to lead or follow
3. Complete the workshop payment

Please email with the above details and we will email back with payment details.


Lead or follow or couple?

We very much encourage men and women to try whichever role they would like to! Traditionally it is the male who leads and the female who follows, but with swing dancing you will see many people exchanging roles. 

Your teachers

Joe from Swing Motion Bath and Swing Riot Bristol

Joe is a dedicated and experienced dancer, teaching weekly lindy hop/swing dance classes in Bristol and Bath. He also DJs and co-organises a monthly swing dance social night in Bristol.  

He first fell in love with the dance in 2010 after attending a taster class. "I'd always loved early rock n roll music and so originally thought I'd give jive dance a go until a friend suggested I try swing. I was hooked straight away by how fun, varied and playful it is! Swing music suddenly came alive too and made so much more sense once I started partner dancing to it. That's what it's made for!" Joe still enjoys developing his dancing through attending workshops and dance camps in the UK and abroad, bringing back what he's learnt to share in his classes.

Tamsin Marshall from Swing Time Frome

Tamsin is excited to be bringing ongoing events and classes to Frome through Swing Time Frome.
She dances a variety of styles and attends swing dance classes and camps. She is founder and teacher at Swing Time Frome, and also teaches with Swing Motion Bath.  She performs authentic jazz/charleston, and has worked with a number of dance troupes, including The Bristolettes. Currently she is practicing and performing with the Jazz Hands dance troupe based in Bristol.

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